Deep drilling

Deep  drilling operations in the territory of Turkmenistan are carried  out by the "Lebapnebit-Gazgozleg”, "Marynebitgazgozleg” and "Balkannebitgazgozleg” expeditions of the TURKMENGEOLOGY STATE CORPORATION. The expeditions are carried out in-depth drilling exploration in oil and gas fields in the south-eastern and western oil and gas fields, as well as in well-known deposits.  

Main purposes of the activities are to increase oil and gas condensate reserves and to open new deposits. 

Total mount of the drilling services caries out is 28,000 m. in a per year.

Address of the ,,Balkannebitgazgozleg” expedition: 
Facility №1 in 163 complex Settlement of Balkanabat city, 745100.

Phone: 8-00222-7-31-27; 
Fax:      8-00222-6-26-49

Address of the ,,Lebapnebitgazgozleg” expedition:
Industrial Zone 2, Zerger Station, Turkmenabat, 746100. 

Phone: 8-00422-7-94-84; 
Fax: 8-00422-7-95-10

Address of the "Marynebitgazgozleg" expedition:
Town named after Nyyazow of district of Yoloten of Mary region, 746004

Phone: 8-00560-6-92-04; 
Fax: 8-00560-6-92-03