Geophysical agency

GEOPHISCAL RESEARCHS OF THE Geophysical agency OF THE ,,TURKMENGEOLOGY’’ STATE CORPORATION in Turkmenistan carries out geophysical expeditions in Ahal, Balkan and Lebap regions.  
In the Geophysical field 9 geophysical parties are involved in which 6 of them are 2D geophysical parties, 2 of them are 3D geophysical parties and 1 of them is gravimetric party. 
The researches are conducted at oil and gas layers of the Central, East and South-West regions of Turkmenistan.
The main purpose of the work is to study the depth of the geological structure of the potential sediments of the geological sections and prepare them for drilling operations. 
The amount of the planned activities performed by the Geophysical agency in a  per year: 2D-3060 uz. Km, 3D-1010 quadrat Km, Gravel researches more than – 400 quadrat km.

Address of the Ahal Geophysical expedition:

Facility №1 in  G. Orazow street in Parahat complex 
Settlement in district of  Bagtyyarlyk of 
Ashgabat city 

Phone.: +99312-25-06-10; 
Fax: +99312-25-09-52

Address of the Balkan Geophysical expedition: 
163  complex 
Settlement in Balkanabat city, 

Phone: 8-00222-6-07-40; 
Fax: 8-00222-6-07-78

Address of the Lebap Geophysical expedition:

Facility №2 in Bagy –Bossan street in Turkmenabat city. 
Phone: 8-00422-2-04-88; 
Fax:     8-00422-2-04-98