Hydrogeological service

Hydrogeological research in Turkmenistan is carried out by Akhal, Balkan, Dashoguz and Mary hydrogeological expeditions.

In all parts of the country, geological exploration is being carried out in promising areas to provide our population with underground water. Geo-ecological and hydrogeological studies of various sizes are conducted to assess the environmental situation in Turkmenistan.

With the help of existing wells in the region of Akhal, Balkan, Dashoguz, Lebap and Mary, regular checks are carried out by monitoring the quality, salinity and level of groundwater.

In accordance with the Water Act, a State water cadaster has been introduced and hydrogeological signs of earthquakes in Turkmenistan have been studied.

In addition to groundwater exploration and control, the expedition also developed a national program  for regional governments, including the National Program for the Reform of the Living Conditions of Villages, Settlements, Townships in District and District Centers and other institutions.

Address of the Ahal hydrogeological expedition: 
Facility №6 of Wodnikow street of Anew city.

Phone: 8-00137-57-41-28; 8-00312-57-41-29; 
Fax:   8-00137-57-41-28

Address of the Balkan hydrogeological expedition:
113-A settlement complex of Balkan region, 745100.

Phone: 8-00222-6-04-68; 
Fax:      8-00222-6-04-68

Address of the Daşoguz hydrogeological expedition:
Facility №39 of Shagadam street of Dashoguz city, 746300.

Phone: 8-00322-2-04-61; 8-00322-2-04-90; 
Fax:   8-00322-9-38-05

Address of the Mary hydrogeological expedition:
Geolog’s settlement complex of Geolog street in Bayramaly city. 

Phone: 8-00564-3-00-41; 8-00564-3-00-35;
Fax:   8-00564-3-00-41