Support services

Geological information centre

Development and comprehensive interpretation of geological data from central geological and geophysical data, development of geological models of mineral deposits, evaluation of oil and gas reserves and resources, geological and geophysical studies on the ground and wells. In addition, work is underway to establish a Corporate Bank of Geological and Geophysical Data in Turkmenistan.

Legal address of Geological Data Center:
744000, Ashgabat city, 
Facility №1 in 2003 (Mollanepes) street;

Phone: +99312-92-44-71; 
Fax:   +99312-92-47-28

Central production laboratory

The central production laboratory consists from three laboratories.

Laboratory of chemical and physical tests - shortened, complete and specialized tests of underground and mineral waters; check of salinity and aggressiveness of soil; check of salinity, suitable elements and harmful substances of soil granule-metric composition; technical inspections of oil and petroleum products and others.

Physical and mechanical testing of rocks - short and full test of concrete and cement; short and full test of rocks; limestone test; performs short and full gravel test and others.

Lithological and stratigraphic laboratory - paleontological examination of rocks; microphone and macro phone testing; petrographic examination of rocks; performs mineralogy and others. All types of inspections are carried out with the help of magnifying glasses and in accordance with regulatory documents.

The address of the Central Production Laboratory:
744012, Ashgabat city, 
Facility 94 "A" in 2029 (Esgerler) street; 

Phone: +99312-34-20-16; 
Fax: +99312-34-34-58; +99312-34-34-78

Geological fund of Turkmenistan

The Geological Fund of Turkmenistan of the State Corporation "Turkmengeologiya" is a subdivision under its jurisdiction, and the results of geological exploration of underground resources can be summarized and used.  In order to prevent the same geological exploration work from being carried out, to meet the demand of enterprises and branch administrations of Turkmenistan for the necessary geological information, and to register, collect and maintain geological and geophysical documents obtained during geological exploration work in Turkmenistan.

Despite its subordinate jurisdiction, enterprises, including domestic and foreign enterprises and companies, are registered by the State in accordance with the established procedure for geological survey of underground resources within Turkmenistan and in the Turkmen part of the Caspian Sea.

Address of the Geological Fund of Turkmenistan:
744036, Ashgabat city, 
Archabil avenue; Facility №58; 

Phone: +99312-40-15-15; 
Fax:   +99312-40-13-40

State geology-control service

Verification and supervision work to protect against reduction and pollution of groundwater in our country is carried out by the State Geological and Surveillance Service under the state concern "Turkmengeologiya" in industrial water fields with fresh, slightly saline, mineral water.

Hydrogeological findings are also prepared for excavation of relevant information and wells by agreeing on the location of buildings and structures to be constructed for various purposes within the country.

Address of the State Geological Service:
745025, Anew city, facility №13, Kemine Street; 

Phone:  8-00137 34-9-80; 
Fax:      8-00137 35-1-81

Material and equipment department

  • The Logistics and Supply Department in its structure provides services for the transport of goods and cars by convoy; 
  • cement fastening, cement bridge filling, pressure work and other well interventions by installing cement pipelines to oil and gas wells with the help of specialized automation using the reinforcement shop; 
  • performs repair, drilling, receipt, storage and shipment of drill pipes and heavy drill pipes using a pipe workshop.
  • In addition, measurements, inspections, inspections and repairs were carried out at the Corporation's training facilities with the help of the field flaw detection department; 
  • proper storage and timely shipment of equipment, materials and cargo arriving through the logistics and distribution department; 
  • performs major repairs and major construction work with the help of the capital construction department.

Address of materials and supply department:

Facility №3 in Demir Yol Street in Ak bugday district 
of Anew city of Ahal region, 745205.

Phone: 57-46-25; 
Fax: 8-00137 3-43-06

«Lebapgeohyzmat» technical service company

«LEBAPGEOHYZMAT» technical services freight and passenger cars with the help of automobiles; with the help of reinforcing workshops it performs cement fixing, casting of cement bridges, works under pressure and other works on cement pipelines laying to oil and gas wells on specialized automobile equipment.


Address of «Lebapgeohyzmat» technical service company:
746100, Turkmenabat city, Zerger station;
(2-nji senagat zolagy) 2 nd Industrial Zone; 

Phone: 8-00422-7-96-03; 
Fax: 8-00422-7-96-21